Automate customer service with NafunBot

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction in your business by using the latest artificial intelligence advance.

Conversational AI

Interact with users in a natural language, simulating human-like conversations and understanding intent to provide relevant responses.

High Privacy

Designed and built with strong security measures to protect user data and ensure confidentiality throughout the conversation.

24/7 Support

Available and responsive to assist users at any time of day or night, providing instant and continuous customer service.

Why NafunBot is right for your business?

Reduce Costs

The chatbot can answer to an unlimited number of users that is much cheaper than human customer service. There is no cost except the initial cost

Increase Satisfaction

Chatbot can respond to users instantly at any time of the day which increases user satisfaction

Monitor Data

The data collected from user questions and their purchasing patterns, can help companies to meet customer needs.

Our solutions & usages

  • Education
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacture
  • Banking
  • Ecommerce


A majority of university students favor the use of digital learning technologies as an academic tool. Colleges and universities are keen to leverage the benefits of AI to enhance their education systems.

  • Automated Tutoring
  • Simplify the Enrollment Process


Most hotels and resorts rely heavily on delivering excellent customer service to build their reputation and AI technology can assist with this in a wide variety of different ways.

  • make reservations
  • obtain Passenger feedback


AI-powered healthcare chatbots automate repetitive tasks of medical representatives, manage encrypted patient data storage, offer patient monitoring and informational support, resulting in transformative improvements for the healthcare industry.

  • make reservations
  • Instant Support


Chatbots in the manufacturing industry enhance operational efficiency by swiftly addressing inquiries, providing real-time information, and assisting in tasks such as order tracking and inventory management.

  • assist customers in their questions
  • Seamless Tracking of Order Fulfillment


Banks and financial institutions are among the top 3 industries in using chatbots. Digital banking services are preferred by most bank customers and the percentage of usage will increase in the next few years.

  • Checking account/card balances
  • Instant Customer Support


In the ecommerce industry, chatbots offer personalized customer support around the clock, guiding users through product selection, answering queries, and facilitating seamless transactions.

  • Instant Customer Support
  • obtain customer feedback

Watch your business grow with NafunBot

Question & Answer

Answer from predefined responses

This feature is a sophisticated AI system designed to comprehend and respond to user questions based on their intended meaning. It utilizes natural language processing (NLP) algorithms to discern the underlying intent behind user messages. By analyzing context, syntax, and keywords, it can accurately understand user requests, even when phrased differently, and provide relevant and contextually appropriate answers. This level of comprehension enables NafunBot to engage in more dynamic and meaningful conversations with users, offering personalized assistance, resolving complex questions, and enhancing the overall user experience.


Answer from context

Answering questions based on context, enables NafunBot to extract precise answers directly from a given context, whether it’s in the form of text, tables, or even HTML. This revolutionary approach empowers NafunBot to comprehend complex contexts and respond accurately to user queries, delivering relevant information efficiently. We can automate responses to commonly asked questions by utilizing a knowledge base, comprising various documents, as the context. This ensures that our chatbot can draw answers from a wealth of information, providing customers with quick and accurate solutions.

easy launch

Launch NafunBot for your website with just one click

With NafunBot, there’s no need for complex setup or tedious configurations. With just one click, this intelligent chatbot is at your service, ready to assist you effortlessly. It automatically crawls your website, extracting the most relevant information to create a robust knowledge base. This ensures that NafunBot comprehends your website’s content and context, empowering it to deliver accurate and efficient responses to user queries. Its user-friendly deployment makes it accessible to businesses and individuals alike, elevating user engagement and enhancing customer service without requiring any technical expertise.

Watch how NafunBot can boost your business

Get ready to witness the future of conversational AI in action! Discover how NafunBot can transform your website’s user experience and streamline your customer support. In just a few minutes, you’ll see how NafunBot’s advanced natural language processing and context-based answering can engage users, provide personalized assistance, and deliver accurate responses effortlessly. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to explore the endless possibilities NafunBot brings to your business. Click the link below to watch the video now and unlock the potential of AI-driven customer service with NafunBot!

Watch the video